UK TV on your PC and TV

Watch UK TV on your PC & TV for € 6.50 per month! No contract is required. You get BBC1/2, ITV1/2, Channel4/5, BBC News, BBCiPlayer, ITVPlayer plus much more. Cancel when you want.

Does the service belong to you? No, we do not pretend to be a service provider, others charge at least double the price we charge. We simply ask for a small one off set-up fee for the installation and connect you directly with the service provider saving you at least €8 per month.

How does the service work? Set-up is straight forward, you bring your computer to us and we do it all. You will be watching UK TV within a matter of minutes. Once you have signed up through Paypal or Credit/Debit card, you will get a unique username and password.

Will the service work with my PC? The service works with most PC's running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. We can also set the service up on your MAC and even on Linux PC's, however, a good knowledge of how to use Linux is advisable.

What equipment do I need? You only need an internet connection (we recommend at least 2MB), a computer and with the correct cables & converters, you can also link your PC to your TV. We can advise you on what cables you will need.

How long am I committed? There is no contract so you can cancel when you want.

What are the pitfalls? None really. The service is approximately 90% reliable month to month; however you are at the mercy of a number of factors including your internet service provider and the connection to the UK internet & websites.